The most effective method to recuperate erased photographs in versatile

The most effective method to recuperate erased photographs in versatile

How to recover deleted photos in mobile


This application is help to recover your deleted photos in mobile this application is not only do that work this application is used to so many method the methods is you can also view or edit your files are photos server yours and this application also make so many option you can search for the sorption for anywhere visa application is most of the peoples are already using this application is also have new mobile phones so many peoples install this application on using regularly you can view your photos videos and files easily you can share one to another mobile ALP application very good application and very user-friendly application

How is work

Application giving the root experience you don’t need a rooted mobile but this application is giving the rooted Epic experience for for all all mobile without rooting you can access hidden files also this application giving the the option so you don’t want root your mobile without rooting you can make for free so show pieces the best of shell to make a deleted photos viewer this application is capture your Tamil photos gallery images and videos so so you can recover your deleted photos

How to install

This application is is also downloaded from Play Store but now a days the play store is removed this application so you’re unable to download this application to Play Store this application is only available for online aur APK file a direct link you can click the direct link then you will be redirect to Play Store or are you can download the apk file on the browser to download files check the file manager application once you download the application click the APK file then you can click install application installed after you can open the application then do the next for other options

How to register and use

The application not recover to any registration not necessary for email or phone numbers Rekha why this application only e install and open you can use the next second no need to sign up or create new account options you can directly access the option without any registration and without any paying about you can download the application then open it then you can view your deleted photos and deleted videos for music songs audio files and much more options available for this application so you can use this application for user friendly e without any registration which application is giving the best experience for all users

How to recover deleted photo

once you install and open this application next you can recover your deleted photos are deleted videos are any deleted files it make it happy how to recover open the application first then choose the top menu bar on right side then click it then you will see e root explorer option then you turn on the root explorer option on click open you will feel you will see the so many options then you can select hide folders option once you who found the hide folder option then come back go to the dcim folder then you will see the thumbnail folder then open it you can see your all deleted photos and videos that folder then you can read name the folder remove the dot anjd you can save the new folder and mood your old deleted photos for new folder


This application is not hundred percent the deleted photo options is not working under person properly ask your luck you can recover your deleted photo easily but it not sure you can try this method as your wish your luck some time you can recover your application so you can use this application I want to know that freedom Li you can make lot of enjoyment this application is giving your old memories the whole photos is make a fun with your life and sometime unfortunately your photos is deleted don’t worry this application is also help to recover your photo you can make it happy thanks for spending your time to you take this article so so you want download the application you can click the download option then you will be see the application you can use that

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